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  • La Cochinchine

    Whenever you want, you can isolate yourself in one of three areas of Salon Serenity LA COCHINCHINE where as the name suggests, you will be taking care by one of the masseuses to live a moment away from the tumult and agitation non stop of the country, in a refined and intimate atmosphere. The massage, the scents of plants and music help you unwind after a full day of exploring the island by bike or on foot. All products used in the Serenity Salon LA COCHINCHINE are 100% natural line with the philosophy of the place in constant communion with nature.

  • The Pool

    One of the prime locations of the Lodge its the pool. It is located between the main building and the Mekong River and its over flowing level will allow you, while swimming, contemplating the endless sweep of all the boats, from the smallest to the largest, which you can find on the majestic Mekong. You will take even more aware of the magic of the place when swimming in the night you will sometimes feel in the Mekong …

  • The Jacuzzi

    In a corner of the pool, you have direct access to the Jacuzzi area without leaving the water, always with unrestricted view on the Mekong. Its size allows you to occupy the space with others, with family or friends for a friendly and relaxing time in the spa bath.

  • The Sauna

    Older than 2000 years, the sauna is a family as a social practice that has its origins in the Nordic countries. While being in a tropical country, why not take advantage of the many recognized virtues of his practice is the elimination of fatigue, stimulating blood circulation and the strengthening of the immune system and spend a little time in the sauna of the Lodge.