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A story. A past. A passion.

1999: a half-century after Michel’s Breton grandparents left Vietnam with their children to return to France, Michel had returned to his roots and reconnected with his past. His new love for this country and all stories he heard during family dinners convinced him to open up a new chapter.

Following a career dedicated to the supply of local and quality foods to restaurants all over France and its frontiers, Michel managed to share his passion for Vietnam with his wife, Françoise.

2013: they decided to return to Vietnam to set up their life in the country where Michel’s father was born and raised until the age of 15.

Now, it is time for them to share their passion for Vietnam, Mekong delta and its inhabitants with you, the world travellers, seeking a different experience.

2015: after bringing their dream and passion to reality, Françoise and Michel are happy to welcome you to The Island Lodge, their little paradise.

A place where you can experience the hospitality of the owners and the service of most high-end hotels.

Immerse yourself in the warm and relaxing atmosphere of the Lodge,

Away from the sound, ostentatious, and rush of Saigon,

A natural and intimate environment cuts off the outside world,

Through a deep flashing back into Indochina’s period decor…

Françoise and Michel wish you all a very pleasant time.