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_DSC6309_Ngoc TranBy creating THE ISLAND LODGE, we wanted to share our passion for Vietnam and the Mekong Delta, by offering a certain conception of privacy. Indeed, our hotel capacity of 12 rooms allows us to have an attentive service; we can provide both, the attentivepresence of owners that you can search in a small guest house, and also everything you want to find in bigs hotels in terms of equipment, services and professionalism.

We also wanted to apply an “eco responsible and sustainable development” mindset, involving a maximum of villagers for the construction and in the selection of our staff. Finally, all bath products, massage are 100% natural, and all cleaning products are biodegradable. All used soaps are recovered, retired and given to children from disadvantaged families of the island by informing them of the need for proper hand washing.

When you come to our home, we certainly do not want that “you feel like at home”! We wish to invite you to enjoy a new good life in a warm and relaxed atmosphere, away from the sound and the ostentatious, and simply live for the time you have decided, a natural and authentic pleasure. You will also have the possibility to organize receptions, weddings and even privatize the entire lodge for more intimacy. In our Lodge at once refined and with some memory of the Indochinese period, wherever you are, we invite you to dive in this film which is projected in front of you and never stops: the Mekong River.

Together, reinvent the pleasure …

Françoise and Michel